“Goenka Jewels” is a brand built on the passion to create exquisite, inimitable and beautiful statement pieces for the new age woman who is fiercely fashionable, has impeccable taste, who won’t settle for anything but the best but is still connected to her tradition and culture. To this end, we bring to you exclusive high quality handcrafted jewels by marrying old-world aesthetics and tradition with contemporary designs that have modern sensibilities combined with expert craftsmanship, resulting in unique stunning works of art.

Goenka Jewels is a love-child of the couple behind the brand and is fuelled by endless passion, deep love for jewellery and an unstoppable desire to create affordable opulence that celebrates every woman’s beauty.

We only create designs that speaks to us and we absolutely love each and every statement piece we create and are certain that you can find something that truly speaks to you, whatever your taste, style or budget is and make it your own. We truly believe that jewellery is not only pretty adornment but it can become the wearer’s life story, representing milestones and memories of loved ones and therefore we strive to bring to you not only the best designs but also the best quality.